Things that look different

… in Germany compared to how they look in New Zealand. I’ve just picked two completely at random and for no reason other than these were the only two that I had photos of honest and if you’re giggling at something I have no idea what that would be and I certainly have never, ever giggled at these myself. Ahem.

So: tow-bars and asparagus. Check it out:

Towbar WeissSpargel

White asparagus is a big deal around here, it’s a short season and will probably be over soon. It actually tastes a lot like green asparagus (if that’s what you’re used to), you need to peel it which is a bit tiresome and the stalks are much thicker than the green ones so it takes longer to cook. Traditionally it’s served with real mayonnaise – I liked it with a lemon and honey salad dressing and a thin slice of Parma ham on top.

Meanwhile there’s no special story about the tow-bars.


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