German music on the radio

German music is cool! Seriously, there are some really good poppy little numbers out there, and I’ll add some links below in order of my favourites at this very moment.

In the car we listen to a radio station called SWR3 – Anglos, you pronounce this “Ess Vee Err Dry”. And then you sing the rest of the jingle because you can’t help yourself, “Die beste Musik!” Do you need me to translate that for you? You good? Cool.

SWR = Süd West Radio, and SWR3 seems to be their Hits station. I was listening to the radio one drive and they played some Dr Hook. Interesting. Then some Eagles. Okaaay… and then I saw it was tuned to SWR1. Ah!

It reminds me a bit of chart radio in New Zealand maybe 20 years ago – they don’t play a whole lot of domestic product, but maybe the domestic product needs a bit of work, or maybe tastes will change … the glass half full way of looking at that is it’s cool to know NZ has more homegrown music on the radio than here. And in saying that, the German music they play on SWR3 is the gooood stuff. When the kids and I drove to Italy we went through Austria and checked out some Austrian radio. Sorry. But it was shit. I’d say half the songs on the radio were in German – full credit – but … yeah, nah.

So what else do they play? Your usual mix of English-speaking chart hits, plus the odd song in French maybe. So right right now now they’re into playing Hold Back the River by James Bay, Are You With Me by Lost Frequencies, King by Years & Years and inevitably FourFiveSeconds by a really old guy and his two grandchildren. So yeah, s’OK.

The other thing SWR3 do (which I love, but I’m a nerd) is the Traffic Announcements! Fully, when I first got here I didn’t have a clue what they were saying, like not a word. Now I’m fluent in Traffic Announcement. I’m all over the A6 from Heilbronn to Nürnberg, between Hohenlohe and Schwäbisch Hall, there’s a 6km queue because of a broken-down truck – the left lane is blocked. Get down!

With the German songs, from a learning German perspective, I have found it hard to just listen to a tune and go “Ah yes, I got every word”, but occasionally I hear a line and I think “Oh hey, I understood that”. And that’s nice.

EEENYWay without further ado, let me post my favourite Deutsch tunes here, for your listening pleasure.

Easiest on the ear (and the eye, ladieeez!) is Andreas Bourani. He had this cool, up-tempo song which the German team sort of adopted during the 2014 World Cup – HA! It worked! That one was called Auf Uns and you can look that one up yourself, but check out his nice moody piece Auf Anderen Wegen – “Different Roads”:

Next is Revolverhead, Lass Uns Gehen means “Let’s Go”:

“We want hip hop!” you say? Well, have it you shall! Here’s a juicy single from Cro called Traum (“Dream”):

“How about themes of teen frustration living in the parental home, with a catchy synth hook, big strings chorus and maybe a little line of French?” Oh all RIGHT then! Mark Forster, if you please:

That’s enough for you today – hope you enjoyed!


(technically that’s pronounced “Chuce”, but when you say it over here you need to give it two syllables..)


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