Food discovery 2: Protein Bread

Jack doesn’t eat enough protein. He flat out doesn’t like dairy (except milk on his cereal) and he’s suspicious of most meat in case there’s (gasp!) fat lurking in there somewhere. Or sinew. Or texture. Basically, if it’s not a perfect cube of Nothing But Chicken Breast, he will examine every angle on his fork before proceeding to cut off the bits he deems undesirable. Happily, he eats the remaining 20% no problem. Sigh.

What Jack likes is white carbohydrate with nothing on it. Plain rice crackers. Bread. He says he quite likes the sauces that go on the pasta but I have my doubts.

Anyway, in my first few weeks here I saw this in the supermarket: Eiweiß Brot – Protein Bread. I laughed and thought “Ha, I should get that for Jack”. And walked on. The following week I did buy it.


And frankly, it’s amazing. It’s not very expensive: €2.50 for a 500g loaf which is about the same price as any other loaf of bread. It also seems to stay fresh and soft for around a week, and it’s really tasty – nutty and grainy with linseeds.

But check out the Nutes: per 100g it has only 13.4g of carbohydrate and a whopping 23.9g of protein. Compare this with something like Vogels (original mixed grain) which per 100g has 40.4g of carbohydrate and 9g of protein.

I worked out it’s not even worth the battle to get Jack to put something on it – he can just grab a slice and eat it on its own.

WP_001376The ingredients (if you’re interested) are:

Water, wheat protein, sourdough (rye flour and water), linseeds, soybean meal, sunflower seeds, wheat flour, wheat bran, yeast, sesame seeds, apple fibre, salt and barley malt extract.

I will miss this when we go back home!